How to pack for a trip in 5 steps

I like travelling light.  So, when I knew I was going to the US trip for 3 weeks at the last moment, I had to get things done and pack everything at the last moment in 2-3 hours.

So, here is what I did:

1. Check tickets, passport & visas. Print tickets, hotel reservations and passport pages. Save them as files on your phone/computer/tablet which you would be carrying.

2. Convert currency. I had to convert SGD to USD before the currency converter closed for the day. I knew from last time that Tokyo Narita airport accepts USD in most shops. 3. Activate roaming (I forgot to do this) + activate credit/debit cards for overseas use etc. Bills paid? Library books returned? Food in fridge/ kitchen cleared? Check temperatures of the places I am going to.

4. Buy gifts. Helps when you know what to buy beforehand. I bought some local coffee.  I prefer buying food unless you know what exactly people want from your city.  I knew I was transiting through Tokyo & would buy sweets there.

5. Packing:

First, get my cosmetics part ready.

The way I ensure I do not miss out anything is I visualise my morning and night beauty routine & note what all I would be needing. As, I am pretty specific about what  I use in my daily routine, I transferred most of my cosmetics into smaller go-toob containers.

Cosmetics in go-toob > Put 2 go-toobs in 1 Ziploc plastic bag > Put all zip locs in a makeup bag > Make up bag inside a plastic bag > put in check in suitcase

I know it sounds extreme but I prefer not having my cosmetics leaking onto my stuff inside my suitcase.

Second is the clothes part

Since I am in Sg, I mostly wear dresses, shorts, & skirts because it is too hot for anything else. So, when I am travelling to colder parts, I have only few winter clothes to take. That saves me from deciding what to take.  I take –

– 2 jeans (1 of which I would wear while travelling)

– 2 tights (1 of which is thermal) which will double as night wear as well

– 1 Pajama bottoms

– 3 formal shirts

– 6-7 tops

– 4 thermal tops

-2 sweaters, one of which I would be wearing

– 1 winter Jacket + gloves always inside the jacket pockets

– Socks – thick and thin ones

– 1 pair of boots

– 1 pair of slip on shoes which I wear because it is easier at airports to remove and in flights

– Plenty of underwear > I always carry excess underwear wherever I travel.

I usually sort my clothes into plastic bags – socks in one, undies in one & rest in the suitcase directly. That makes it easier to find that rummaging through my stuff looking for that odd sock.

Third is the electronics 

– Phone + charger > Put the phone to charge

– Camera + charger > Charge the camera

– iPad + charger > Charge the iPad

– Converting plug

I put chargers in a plastic bag in my suitcase.

Fourth is miscellaneous items

– Medication or Supplements

– Stuff for periods

– Hair dryer I did not pack that coz last time I went all the hotels had it in their rooms.

– Laundry bags because I knew I will do my laundry in US.

– 1 or 2 plastic bags

Fifth is my handbag. It has

Purse + my usual items in handbag + print out tickets, hotel reservations + phone + camera + iPad + passport + wet wipes/sanitizer

All done!

The key is knowing where you are going & what you would need. I know, if I forget anything, I can always buy it in the US. So, don’t be too hard on yourself, if you forget something. The most vital things are travel documents + cash. Having a phone is helpful & vital if you cannot remember any of the numbers. 

Anything I missed out?


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