Vaseline Instant Fair

A photo essay.

I was at the MRT  station last Saturday.

I saw Vaseline instant fair ad. The Vaseline ad was in the MRT station instead of the Manulife ads you see in the image above.

I got this picture from their FB as I did not take a photo at the station

 I was enticed by the ad and rushed to buy Vaseline instant fair.  I used it for 2 days and am so happy it works!

Change your race

I became a Caucasian. The transformation is incredible.  Bad thing is I need to update my IDs now 😦

Who cares as long as I became white?! 


5 thoughts on “Vaseline Instant Fair

  1. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Love the ending….
    I personally hate fairness ads. It is so different than the West, where the aisles are packed with tanning lotions. I hate the comparison between before and after, as if before was bad to begin with or something.

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