How I ended up going to Seattle

I was supposed to go on a business trip in Jan 2014. My original travel plan was supposed to be 

Sg> Tokyo transit > Seattle transit > Canada > LA  > San Diego > Texas > Tokyo transit > Sg

I was supposed to be flying with my colleague & our boss was supposed to join us in LA directly. Unfortunately, I did not hear from the Canadian embassy until a day before I was about to fly. So,  I almost gave up on going on this trip because my Canada training was the most important part of the business trip. Boss was definitely not happy & was looking into cancelling the trip. However, he realized that he would be refunded only 1/4 of the ticket and that too 3-6 months later.  WTH.  So,it seemed wiser to send me on the trip. I ended up quickly booking tickets from Seattle > LA and having my Seattle> Canada leg of the trip cancelled. 

On Jan 15 morning, I and my colleague flew from Sg >Tokyo transit > Seattle. She continued her journey to Canada & I dropped off in Seattle.  While she was training in Canada,  I was sleepless in Seattle 😉 These 2-3 days in Seattle were not counted as annual leave as it came under office trip.

And, that is how I ended up visiting Seattle 🙂

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