Addendum to life lesson #2

This post is a part rant and part epiphany.

As I am currently looking for a new place to move to, I remind myself of life lesson #2.

 I cannot control the fact that  I have to move out.

I can’t control the fact that due to high rents, most places for rent already have 3-5 people and still looking for another tenant in a flat. Some places have an entire family staying in 1 room (mom, dad, child, mother of 1 parent) and renting out 2 rooms in the flat to 2 people each. 

I can’t control the fact that the rooms I am interested in are taken up even before I view them.

Many times, I get angry, frustrated & hate this crappy housing situation but I understand I can control only the house searching part. I can’t control the flats availability or how other people renting out behave [which is often like jerks because there is high demand for housing here]. 

I can’t control people messaging me that I am too demanding/ giving me lectures because I refused their flats [politely].

I empathize how people on dating websites/ going on dates / looking for relationship advice/ job hunting  feel.  I am usually coming up with this practical advice of getting over someone who did not respond to you or call you after a date blah blah and move on. It is not easy in reality because one has expectations. It is not easy to be practical & say okay, he did not call, he does not care, let’s move onto the next profile.

For people who are being jerks when prospective tenants contact them, well, I hope they learn to be nice because in future they may be in a similar situation, not necessarily looking for a house but when dating or whatever. It does not feel nice to be on the other side and be treated like that.

My voice has gone hoarse saying this for years but for fucking christ’s sake, delete your ad for a place for rent, if you have already found a tenant. I cannot believe how much time I waste messaging/calling people for places that are no longer available.


3 thoughts on “Addendum to life lesson #2

  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. Moving is so stressful.
    In Vancouver the rents are so high, it is rated the 2nd most expensive city after HKG. And more than NYC! A 1000sq foot apartment is costing $600k, and you can’t find anything, not even a 1bdr, for under $1200 per month. And of course my hubby’s relatives are wondering why we don’t own yet….um, DUH!
    I hate how landlords advertise the property, and then say you have to move in the next day, when they know well that you have to give the current landlord a month’s notice!

    1. Housing woes, I have been complaining like forever about them here 🙂 I can’t get a 1 BR for less than 1900$ /month! and that means the crappiest ones.

      In future I want to move to a place where I have my own place. I don’t want to share with any flatmates or extended family *cue* I am a baaad asian girl ha ha

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