A fresh view on Asia

I am back from a 3 week trip in the USA and it was awesome!! I observed so much and was constantly comparing Asia and US. I had so many epiphanies and could view Asia from a distance and gain a fresh perspective of my life here, Asian culture, my job. Like I am a born again Asian!

Watch out for a lot of stories in the coming few days.


4 thoughts on “A fresh view on Asia

  1. Sometimes when you just live in one place, you don’t realize that things can be done differently! When you experience another way of doing things, you suddenly get an “aha” moment. You no longer just accept things as they are because now you know there’s another (and perhaps better) way.

    1. True! So many of us are resistant to the new way because we are blinded by nationalism/religious/cultural superiority and will not accept new or better ways!

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