Passport Envy

Written on 9 Jan 2014.

Warning – A rant ahead. Don’t read  this if you aren’t in a mood for rants. It may  seem politically incorrect  but wth I am angry okay? And there is some truth to this.

I am kind of angry. Tired of running to visa offices, every time I need to travel. Some of the embassies are like a black hole. Your application goes in. You don’t hear from them. You don’t know what’s up with your visa. They will not entertain in person queries. They do not accept calls. They don’t reply to emails argh……

Why is it okay that some people just get up & decide to go to some country one fine day & they can do it because they do not need a visa while some have to apply & pay a lot to get a visa? This totally sounds like #firstworldproblem but I am not from the first world ha!

This often feels like a class division, the elite keeping the commoners from entering their property. It irks me when people with good passports ask me why I need to be wasting time going to visa offices duh! And then, some people use this to act like they are superior to me because they have a better passport. So many people here look for last minute deals/ decide a week ahead & then just go somewhere. All that travelling sounds like a distant dream when you see all the visas you need to apply to.

Now, I can get why some women I see here are with white men. Maybe they get financial security. A good passport. Their children have a good passport.  Sounds like a good deal to me. Who’s complaining?

On the sunny side

  • I didn’t pay for the visa
  • I now have some useful visa[s]
  • I am getting to travel 
  • Going downtown for visa process during office hours is fun
  • I’ll get my visa on time [fingers crossed]

7 thoughts on “Passport Envy

  1. My hubby is a permanent resident of Canada, but not a Canadian citizen (he has an Indian passport) so he has to apply for visas everywhere and it is so COSTLY!!! Omg. It is such a pain in the butt. He can qualify for Canadian citizenship now so we have to apply, but it takes two years.
    I think the hardest time was with his UK visa, which took over two months.

    1. Tell me about it! Tell him to get canadian citizenship ASAP!! The only silver lining to all this was I did not pay for it. Or I would cry!! My experience with US embassy was so much better!

      1. My inlaws also had a lot of problems applying for a Canadian tourist visa. It was so annoying, it makes our country look bad! My MIL was rejected for no reason so many times….

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