Holiday frenzy

I guess I am absorbing the holiday frenzy from all over me. Everybody seems to be rushing. Need to do this. Need to do that. I feel like I need to be doing a lot of things too. Call people. Mail people. Make new year resolutions. Reflect on the year that passed. Clean out my stuff. Do do do & more do.

Actually, this is why I do not like most festivals & weddings – they are full of this frantic energy  & people rushing about. More I sense this frenzy, more I want to withdraw to peace, solitude & quietness. That is what I do every year, so why am I getting edgy this time – mostly because I see what others are doing.

I don’t want to do do do, I want to be. I will read a book, think of they year gone by what I want this year, declutter – electronically as well as physically (because I love to do it) and just relax. 


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