A conversation @ lunch today

Today, we [A,B,C & me] were having lunch & they were talking about some country implemented a policy which is not good for business & creates a lot of confusion among the people. We agreed that this policy is lame. Then one statement made me go into an angry tirade.

A – ” *a certain race* are pigs. They are stupid.”

Me[angry] – “You cannot make racist statements like that. What makes you think you can generalise an entire race like you did an analysis of every single one of them? For every stupid person, you show me from their race, I can show you an equally stupid person from your race. Does that mean people go about concluding that an entire race is stupid?”

B – “It is everybody’s personal experience. Many of them are really stupid.”

Me – “You can stereotype but then be willing to break the stereotypes when faced with a person. Judge them for they are in front of you. Don’t try to justify racism.”

B – “But that policy is stupid.”

Me – “Yes, it is ridiculous. Then, blame the action & the policy. It is not like every single person from that race made that policy.”

A – “You have not had experience with them. If you come from where I come from, you will learn how minorities are treated badly.”

Me – “That is the state. Then, what about minorities here? Are you being any nicer to them? You call *race A* pigs. Another person called *people from a certain country* pigs. So, both of you can can call each other pigs. How does that serve you?”

B – “We are not pigs.”

Me – “Similarly you cannot generalize an entire race also right?”

A – “Oh but….”

Me – “That is not okay. You kept on stereotyping me & when you don’t know a single person from my country, what makes you think you can make statements like that?”  Read about that here

A – “Oh no, I like people from your country …….I am sorry but you seem to have bad experience here but I am not like that.”

Me – “Like what? Not racist? You guys are obsessed with people’s races. People are people. Get over their races because people can be many things beyond that.”

Angry reaction? – Oh yes.

They started a topic that made me rant but I needed to call them out on it. Next time, I hope they would think before making lame statements like that. These people seriously need to work on their world view. 


6 thoughts on “A conversation @ lunch today

  1. While I am in agreement with you on your points, my only hope is that you haven’t made enemies out of these lunch buddies of yours with this angry rant!!!

    1. They weren’t friends to begin with & I don’t mind my time alone, so does not matter. They were so embarrassed, they will pretend it never happened. I can’t stop when the shot is fired & I have heard such bullshit so many times, I have very low tolerance for it.

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