Workers & Diplomats

Republished with editing because of sensitive nature of the article.

Yesterday, I read about arrest of some Indian diplomat in the US. And how our Indian politicians refused to meet an US commission as a show of solidarity and a way of showing that this is intolerable. The Indian media & government was full of outrage at this act and full of “how could they disrespect an Indian diplomat like that?” sentiment. They were trying to defend the diplomat. You can see a stark contrast in the articles coming from the Indian media and the media abroad. Indian politicians are still pissed & doing drama until now.

Contrast this to how our politicians & media (did not) react to arrest and charge of so many Indian workers here. All they do is a neutral reporting – “one more Indian charged”. Have they ever gone ahead a done a report on their woes? No comments from politicians. Why aren’t they valuable. Is it okay if they are “insulted” or treated badly?

Note- I am not defending these workers or their acts or saying what they did is right. I am noting the contrast in behaviour for these 2 cases.

What Mallika Shreawat says to some foreign magazine about India is an issue. When one US diplomat [or from diplomat’s office] is arrested, it is an issue. When workers face punishment, it is not an issue. Our politicians (and media) will stand up only when it comes to the elite. What’s surprising?


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