Stereotypes in Condo Ads

There is a lot of construction of malls/flats going around here. The private flats and the malls will have boards around the construction site advertising the building. As I was walking the other day, I realized how stereotypical all these ads around malls and private flats were. They are almost always the same all over.

There will definitely be an east Asian family which showcases the “family value system” of Asians.

Mom + Dad + 2 kids – definitely 1 son & 1 daughter + An older couple (which indicates the parents of mom & dad).

I do not remember seeing 2 daughters any where. And old people are added in to show that Asians care for their families & parents in old age.

Then, there will be a white guy + East Asian woman.  

Never the other way round. Didn’t you know that white men are rich and can buy condos? And Asians can’t afford them? And the woman is with him for money + skin color (white is superior) + his passport.  

It is mostly the white guy who is shown relaxing by a pool.

Stereotypical? Yes. But then, it is true in some ways, when you really look around here.  Again, inadequate ethnic representation of people which does not reflect the reality like in women’s mags.


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