Women’s Magazines & Ethnic Representations

I was reading the local Women’s Weekly [I did not like this magazine] edition yesterday and something sad struck me. I realised that most local editions of magazines do a terrible job of representing the real diversity of people. All the models were east Asian. Only letters from east Asians. Only their opinions were asked for. Only their stories mattered. Okay, there was 1 name in the entire magazine which was not east Asian. Do Indians even exist here? Do people like me even live here? If I were to read these magazines, I would end up believing, that only east Asians exist in this part of the world.

At the same time, the American and British magazines are no different.They mostly have only white women. Take Good Housekeeping for example [I do like this magazine though] – only white women. Their stories. Models. Families. I don’t remember coming across an article on an Indian family or women and how they overcame a career/family challenge. The American mags do have slightly better representation of people.

The reality of our world is many of these countries have a large immigrant population and we are cosmopolitan. Then, why do these stories feature only a particular set of people? The immigrants do not read English mags? Are the rest supposed to go and read magazines in their native language about their own country only? When we talk about integration of immigrants, doesn’t this count as well? 

Women’s magazines have a lot of catching up to do – in term of feminism and equal social representation.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Magazines & Ethnic Representations

  1. So true….there is truly a lack of diversity in magazines. I also have never seen an intercultural couple in a magazine, and I read so many!!! It is definitely not a regular occurrence.

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