Exploring Sg: Arab Street & Gotham City

I recently went to Arab Street on a weekday night. I have been to Arab street during weekends but this was my first experience during a week night. Like all other niche places in Sg, it is a small area. You walk a little bit and you will land up in a completely different world pretty soon.

Not surprisingly, I really did not like it too much and really felt out of place there , which explains why I rarely hang around this place. For starters, I was surprised how many people were hanging around eating/drinking/ smoking  on a week night. Weren’t they supposed to go for work the next day? I feel I never fit in this partying/smoking & drinking groups and looks like things have not changed on that front. In some unexplainable way, I felt unsafe in that area. I knew I would not be molested or anything here but a niggling fear came up that I could not say the same thing if I were found in a similar place in India in my usual clothes.The street is full of restaurants serving middle eastern food and some boutiques which were closed. As you walk by, the waiters are calling you to have dinner in their restaurant. Anyways, I was glad to walk out. I guess, I am not cool enough for this place but that’s okay.

I cam across a Sufi  book store  and walked around. They seemed to have many books  on Islam but I did not find anything of interest. Frankly, again I felt out of place.

As I walked by,  I saw this building which looked like something Batman owned.

Really large in the middle of a city. This was awesome. I walked in the front yard, assuming it was a condo. The front yard looked like those old American buildings. Statues all around. I wanted to go in and saw that the ground floor was a restaurant/some common area for plays/meetings etc. I assumed it must be a hotel. Even the decor inside seemed like those old 1930’s American movies.Unfortunately, I did not go inside becuase I was not sure, if that was a hotel organized event.  I felt I was transported to 1930s USA. I noted the building name and I looked up Wiki.  Looks like, they really call it Gotham city here. And it cost  88 million SGD to build – that is a lot. It is a different world in itself though it is pretty close to Arab Street.

Why don’t I get to work in such a cool building?


3 thoughts on “Exploring Sg: Arab Street & Gotham City

  1. Wow, that building really is something else, isn’t it? Just like you I was also reminded of Gotham City when I saw the pic, especially since you put up a Black and White one 😀

  2. That building looks so cool.. Something like Tim Burton would have. Or maybe a Batman villain might operate out of.

    As far as drinking goes, it depends on how much one is drinking. In moderation, it shouldn’t affect your next workday..

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