Periods FAQs

Even now, period myths are one of the most common search terms that lead to my blog. So, here is a period FAQ based on the most common questions  I get – 

Does anything happen to plants if we touch/plant them on periods? What about flowers? Do they die? Are they harmed?

 > No. Tried and tested. If this were true, you could start a weed killing service.

Does god get angry when touched/approached by menstruating women?

> That is a philosophical question. In my view, they don’t. I do not see any evidence to the contrary. But then, I do not exactly view god the way you do.

Do pickles get spoilt when menstruating women touches them?

> No. Again, tried and tested.

Can I eat pickles on periods?

> Go ahead, as long as your body feels okay with it. As pickles have a lot of salt, you may consider cutting down if you experience a lot of water retention before you get your periods.

How to dispose sanitary napkins?

 > Do not flush down the toilet. Wrap it in a paper properly and throw it in the dustbin in your bathroom. Nothing to be ashamed of. Please do not throw it down buildings or walk a kilometer because it should not remain inside your home dustbin for a day or 2.

Does water get contaminated when touched by a women on periods?

 > No. Again tried and tested.

Can we touch a menstruating woman?

> Yes. Why not? They do not give you electric shocks 🙂 

Can we touch babies when on periods?

 > Yes. The mother is bleeding when she gives birth and after birth right? She is touching her baby. Why can’t you?

Do I emanate negative energy when on periods?

> Nope. 

Why menstruating women should not go near dead bodies?

> That was a new one! Why can’t they go unless the dead person is actually a vampire?

Why insects should not come in contact with period blood? 

> Another new one! Why would insects come in contact? Are you bleeding on the floor? 

Why can’t I go near animals during periods?

> Of course, you can! I am in a house with a dog all the time!

Do women need rest while on period?

 > Again, that depends on how you feel. I need it but then that’s me. You don’t need it, that is okay too. In fact, I need rest all the time periods or not.

Most people outside of some countries do not follow these superstitions. Their pickles, plants, pets, people all seem to be doing fine. Entire nations would have lost plants/trees, if these myths were true. Since, that is not happening, we all can relax.

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14 thoughts on “Periods FAQs

  1. I can’t stop laughing after reading your post, it was too good, I have seen this in my home and still my mom must goes crazy when I DONT follow them , since I am married now my dear hubby has taken the responsibility to shun all these myths out ….
    Keep posting lived it…

  2. “Period pain is for your own good. Girls who have period pain have it easy during delivery.”
    “Its dirty blood. Hence dont sit on sofas because you’ll make it stink”.
    “Snakes will come to house if it lies in the house for more than a day.”

    1. I disagree with all your statements.

      “Period pain is for your own good. Girls who have period pain have it easy during delivery.” – Says who? Is that how some women console themselves? Or they resign themselves to a life of pain and learn to shut up & not complain?
      “Its dirty blood. Hence dont sit on sofas because you’ll make it stink”. – If period blood is dirty blood, then so is rest of the blood. So, is sweat, shit, urine. SO is blood from a woman who gave birth. Don’t sit on sofas because we all shit and we put our ass on it. Lets all keep standing.
      “Snakes will come to house if it lies in the house for more than a day.” – Oh really? Snakes drink blood or kill live animals? What should we do of men meet with an accident and have so much bandages filled with blood?

      1. Hey Hey Hey… These are not my statements (should’ve mentioned that). I was just mentioning more period myths. If the first one is true, then I’ll die during delivery bcz I have never had period pain.

  3. Add to the list, if snakes happen to crawl over a napkin used by you at some point in the past, you won’t bear children. One that was told when I was 10 and started bleeding. Lots of crazy stuff about periods!

    1. This is something I have never heard! I throw a napkin. Then, it goes from one garbage bin to the city dump. It lies in a pile of garbage with the rest of trash. It is not cleared for a week. Then, some snake crawls over it. Ha. I think this is some ploy to not use sanitary napkins & save money.

    1. I don’t think so. These practices are still common among so many Indian households even today and I have come across a large number of these superstitions. Don’t touch water/babies/pickles/god statues. So many women are forced to follow them, especially in joint families and they perpetuate it when they set up their own families as well.

    1. That I agree. Some do smell the blood.

      But people tell you as if your “negative energy” can be sensed by animals and they are avoiding you because you are sick and emanating negative energy which is bad for your surroundings. That, come on!

  4. Nice one..I heard alot of one myth tat made girls not to use napkins. It was said that the pads we throw if they r smelled by a snake den we wil b in trouble! !!! LOL!!! but thanks to various awareness camps.. all the friends including me (in my home no one knew abt napkins?) Started using pads! 🙂

    1. Since when did snakes start drinking blood instead of killing live animals and swallowing them? Vampire snakes? HUmans bother animals minding their own business, animals don’t.

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