Review : Jamie’s Italian, Sg

I was meeting up some friends for lunch and we decided to go to Jamie’s Italian for lunch. I was aware, it was more on the expensive side but we all wanted to try it out. It had opened here, a couple of months ago and was fully booked all the time in the beginning with long queues because  kiasuness. I could not book online as the online reservations was closed but we could do a walk in. I read from some blogs that it is not too crowded now and we could get seats.

Jamie’s Italian is in Vivocity. Not my favourite mall in town because

-It is crowded
-It is large and disorienting
-It is noisy

When we went to Jamie’s, they told us we would have to wait for 15-20 minutes. I walked around while waiting for the table.

The decor is fine. More on the side of casual dining. The entrance to the restaurant is dark and I asked to be seated near the areas with windows because it was brighter. They had closed the outdoor seating.

The music was loud and we were listening to the latest American songs. Not really Italian. We did tell them to lower the music because it was giving me a headache and I could not hear myself think. They were nice enough to lower the sound.

We were seated. They promptly placed water glasses upside down on the table. When we turned it up, the waitress told us not to because that upside down glass is an indicator for our “specially designated server” to attend to us. Duh. I dislike these stupid rules and being told not to do something like we are children. U promptly asked how clean the tables were for them to place glasses upside down. I could see the waitress was embarrassed at the question. Looks like, when it is a supposedly posh place, nobody asks questions. Anyhow, “our special server” never came to us. So, we waved to a server to come to us. So there, that stupid rule was unnecessarily complicating stuff.

We were quite hungry. We ordered

  •  1 Italian Bread basket – Was decent. 4 small pieces of bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  •  Jools’ favourite sicilian tuna fusilli ($21 which means a larger portion) – H had only a few spoons and left 3/4 of it. u offered to eat the rest and did not eat more than 2 spoons. It was apparently one of the worst and the taste of the tuna overtook everything. There were barely any mediterranean spices.We definitely did not feel any difference between this pasta and regular pasta because Jamie’s claims they have fresh pasta which is made daily.
  • Spring pea & mint panzerotti (about $28) Stuffed with ricotta, peas & Parmesan, with broad beans, asparagus, green beans, mint,lemon – The sauce was nice but I felt it was way too overpriced. I got 6 pieces of ravioli, less than 2 beans and a few peas. I did not feel the ravioli was great either. I did not see why it was necessary to put so few veggies. Not like they are giving me organic food. I was not even remotely full but completely pissed by then.
  • Grilled Sausage with herbs (about $24) – This was great with lots of herbs but U felt they could have offered some baked potatoes along with the sausage.
  • Funky Chips with garlic and parsley (X2- $6.5 each) –  This was french fries. It tasted nice but was too oily. I still ate it because I was so hungry.

We had heard that the desserts were good but after the disappointing meal, we really did not want to stay on there.

We asked for the bill. The waiter handed us the bill and went away again before I could take out my card. As we really wanted to leave, I got up to the cashier and gave her my card and the bill. She asked us where we were seated and told us to back and sit and “our special designated waiter” will collect the payment. I told her I wanted to make the payment and leave. Another stupid rule. I did not see the problem when we had a printed bill in hand and I wanted to make the payment.

Our bill for 3 was $114. That’s a lot, especially when nobody was full or happy on leaving the place. I think Jamie’s is overrated and overpriced. I have had better and cheaper Italian food elsewhere. Even better service.

Would I recommend it – No.


10 thoughts on “Review : Jamie’s Italian, Sg

  1. This place is expansive, noisy and food is nothing to rave about. I am so disappointed.

    Starting from the decor and music, it screams “american” in your face. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with Italy. The place could have been called “Joe’s BBQ – Texas Finest” for that matter. The service was OK, I can say that Chili’s has better service (I am thinking of Tanglin Mall).

    Its noisy. Its so noisy that you can’t hear the one next to you talking. And that’s so irritating. Is it a disco? A dance club? Was it 10pm? No, it was 2 pm, lunch time with few friends with whom I wanted to chat, not dance (who comes up with those decisions I wonder? “Lets make it loud, like its party time!” – the Manager screamed! Why? I don’t get it). Again, no latin serenadas here, just lousy American pop-chart songs.

    My portion size was decent, but for that price the meal lacked any carbs (or veggies!). Again I have to compare it with Chili’s where for the same price you can get more – and it tastes damn good too!! (I am looking at you Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger! mmmmm Uncle LOVES U!).

    In conclusion, part of me refuses to believe that this restaurant in SG is what Jamie had in mind. I am hoping that if one day I check out some other branch, somewhere else (Europe, perhaps?) that I will be blown away with the atmosphere, service and food. I guess I am dreaming, right? In that case, I have to say that there are much, much better places to indulge your need for Italian food, like 18 Chefs.

      1. 110$ !!!! That is still too much. Even if I eat in Gateway (Taj group) Barbeque Nation in my city which are one of the most expensive joints.. a meal for 3 comes below 50$

        1. Ha ha, it is not fair to compare in terms of exchange rate. I would look at how much it costs in this country in this currency. For that, it is expensive.

          I will cry, if I compare the price of chaat to the ones in India

            1. Can range from 4-10 SGD. Depends on the place. I have never gotten an awesome pani puri yet (we get usually 6 pieces/plate). I have tried great pav bhaji (but again not as good as in India) but I definitely have tried awesome samosa chaat for about 5$

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