12 Things to have at your work desk

I am a pretty organized person (if I may say so myself) and I usually have most of the things I may need whenever I am away from home. Since, a lot of us spend a huge chunk of our waking hours in the office, it is great to have some things in the office instead of carrying them to and fro. I feel so glad to have these things at my office desk –

  1. Moisturizer – I really feel weird if I have washed my hands and not put on the moisturizer. I don’t like dry hands.
  2. Tooth brush & tooth paste – There are days, I am really glad  I have this. When something in my mouth just does not feel right and I need to feel better that moment. When my mouth feels oily after eating out. When I heading somewhere directly after work. It makes me feel better, cleaner & fresher instantly.
  3. Axe oil – This is a medicated oil. Milder than Tiger Balm. Smells of eucalyptus and other herbs. Great for headaches, colds, drowsiness, tiredness. I  use it when I hear my colleagues cough or sneeze. When I feel sleepy in front of the computer. When my afternoon chai does not perk me up. I love it.
  4. Cushions – Nice to have at your desk. For your back when you have been sitting for ages in front of the computer. Sometimes, I like to sit hugging it if I feel crampy.
  5. Tablets- Pain Killers – Always good to have in case of emergencies.
  6. Band-aids – Again good to have around. I have needed it when I cut my finger or my shoes were hurting.
  7. Sweaters/Shawls – When the air con gets too cold. Most places in Sg set their air-con to such low temperatures that even people from cold countries complain. 
  8. Perfume – It is great to have if you are heading out somewhere directly from office.
  9. Hand towels / Tissues – I keep a set of towels to decrease my use of paper.
  10. Tea Bags/ Coffee/ Snacks – I usually have tea bags. Often, buying these drinks at the canteen can add up over time. And my office does not have places where I can get these teas. I rarely keep snacks because having them means you will eat them. I usually walk down to the canteen nearby and buy fruits or snacks if I am really hungry.
  11. Mugs/glasses – For your drinks of course.
  12. Antiseptic wipes – Once in a while, we need to give our desk, computers, phones a clean wipe. Especially phones which can give you pimples if not clean.

What do you like to keep at your office desk?


8 thoughts on “12 Things to have at your work desk

  1. I keep :
    1. Tea bags and coffee sachets
    2. a Mug for the above
    3. Hand sanitizer
    4. Mouthwash
    5. Some snacks (which I end up eating anyway)
    6. Extra pens (not the company issued, don’t like them)
    7. Post its

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