A new experience – LRT

I have been here for quite sometime and I have not done something! Going on the LRT! LRTs are 1 carriage mono rails which run from certain train stations in a loop into the nearby localities, substituting for a shuttle bus.

I have never taken a LRT so far, because I never had the need to. LRTs operate in far flung places (for me) and I have nothing to do there. People go there because they live there. So, when I had the chance to go there, I did it to add to my list of experiences.

I found the stations for LRT pretty small. There was such a narrow passage for entering and leaving. I wonder how they would handle crowds. The LRT goes very near buildings and houses. Therefore, it has rubber wheels, so that it is quieter. No driver.

The coolest thing is the smart window. The front and back glass panels are always transparent. The side windows are smart glass. When the train is going near a building, the window on the side of the building becomes opaque automatically (to protect the privacy of residents in the building because it does go very close to them) and then becomes transparent once away. I noticed that if the train passes by a mall, it does not become opaque.

List of experiences – LRT – Check


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