UN ad reveals how sexist we really are

UN is running a series of ads showing widespread sexism. It uses real Google search auto complete, how common sexism is. Internet reveals things people really think. I think it is easy to forget that women too, are equal contributors to sexism.

Reminds me of a east asian female I know, whose statements go something like this:

” Your boyfriend will so lucky because you can cook so many things for him.” 

” I wish I were a guy so that my girlfriend will cook for me.”

Me – ” You know, many guys cook right? All women need not do cooking. Look at all the chefs. You have very old fashioned gender  ideas.”

“Of course I believe in equality.” – This statement was merely made to look good but my observations tell me that gender roles are entrenched in her mind.Last time I saw, she was learning to cook (for her future man). 

UN Women Ad 3

UN Women Ad 2

UN Women Ad 1

UN Women Ad 4


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