Game of Thrones

Lately, I have been watching Game of Thrones (GOT) TV series. The show has a lot of nudity, sex and violence (the perfect cocktail that sells always ;)). I would not call it my favourite show but I need to know what happens next, once I start watching it and just cannot stop. I have no issues with the nudity/sex parts, though I definitely admit it is higher that what you would see in regular movies. The violence part is makes me upset though. Everybody seems to be getting killed/killing in cold blood.

Scene 1 

Anyway, we were talking at lunch and I was telling how it is difficult for me to stop watching the GOT and was asking if any of them watched it.

One of my colleagues (Asian) says “I watched an episode or 2 but I am not the kind of person who watches those shows.” 

Me – “What kind of person am I then?”

Scene 2 

I was talking to a girl I met in the bus (Indian) and I was telling how I could not go to bed because I wanted to watch more episodes. I asked her if she watched it.

She said she was in season 2 and immediately adds in “I watch it but I not so interested in those kind of ugh shows.”

 Me – “If you are not into it, why did you continue watching season 2? Ha ha.” 

People (especially Asians) are so uncomfortable with sex/nudity that they immediately feel the need to clarify that they are decent, nice people who do not enjoy those kind of shows. They download it and watch it but feel so awkward telling that they watch it because they fear being judged. That they are sluts. Cheap people. So, they add in a disclaimer. 

The reality is everybody is watching it and the show is a big hit. Why live under a pretense? The more we are open, the more we will remove this huge veil of secrecy, mystery and shame around sexuality, which would solve a lot of issues in sexually repressed societies. 

Also, though the series is set in a fictional time and land, I feel it is based on middle ages with magic thrown in. It does make me appreciate, how bad women’s rights were until recently and how much we should be grateful for. The only role women seem to have in the series (with few exceptions) is to get fucked, bear children and used as pawns to gain/lose power/kingdoms. No rights. No identity without a man. We sure have made a lot of progress. Who would have believed that such a show would make you appreciate feminism and women’s rights. A quick search on GOT and feminism shows you that the general sentiment is that women feminists think GOT is misogynist and don’t like watching it. I watch it and am thanking the heavens that I was lucky to be born in this time. 

Lastly, please don’t come over and tell me that GOT leads to more rapes/molestations because last time I remember, I have not gone about raping or molesting anyone.


8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. One of my friends is totally addicted to watching GoT but I haven’t had a chance yet. It is on my to-watch list.
    I don’t know if you know HBO’s True Blood by my traditional Telugu MIL totally likes it….lol. It is a very racy show with lots of sex and F-words! 😀

    1. Ha ha, I don’t always like racy shows, I believe unlike many conservative people that it should not be the reason to shun certain shows

      I will check it out – I don’t have TV, will look for it online.

  2. For me GOT is a TV Series period. I am not going to analyze whether it is feminist or misogynist or not. It is a fictional series and it remains that. I loved the first two seasons and I sure am going to watch the rest of the seasons as well, simple as that.

    1. Unfortunately many people can’t do that. I am not sure if I would be okay either if there was no fantasy elements in it coz movies perpetuate these things – like hum aapke hain kaun.

  3. Lol. The last part is hilarious – how can anyone claim that GoT leads to more rapes? 😀 Though I’m hardly surprised that such claims have been made. Sounds about right for our hypocritical mindset. As far as feminism goes, GoT actually features a surprisingly strong female cast. Cersei, Daenerys, Arya, the matriarch of house Tyrell etc.. And all without any special superhuman powers.

    I don’t like the GoT books in general but I had to find out what happens next. I find that they’re mislabeled as “fantasy” when in reality it’s historical fiction with a little bit of fantasy thrown in as a bone. Also, the later books are horribly boring.

    1. I have to add disclaimers you know, just in case someone lectures me on that 😀 If lingerie mannequins and chowmein can increase rape, why not something that everybody blames – short clothes, nudity, sex?

      They may have strong personalities but the society did not allow them to be independent. Cersei is not respected by joffery and cannot rule the kingdom without a male heir. She is made to marry robert and she was forced to marry joffery’s wife’s bro (until her twin showed up).

      Daenyrys becomes strong but she was literally sold to drogo as a pawn for the army by her brother. Her khal people do not respect her when drogo dies. She does not gain respect without the drogo by her side.

      Arya is strong but she to pretend to be a guy for safety.

      The matriarch is a strong person but at the end of it all the women can be strong and only act within the limits set by the society and they need a man in the world to get things done their way.

      1. Agreed. There was much to be desired in medieval society! My point though is that within the context of Martin’s world, these women are exceptional. In an age where women are treated as second class citizens, the courage and strength of personality necessary for them to be who they are pretty amazing. After all, what can one do about the prevailing conditions of one’s age? Not much. Which makes the presence of strong female figures that much more laudable given the additional pressures they have to go through.

        But I’ve read many fantasy books and there are many with strong female characters. Very few of them however have a female lead – just a couple come to mind so far…

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