Telephone etiquette 101

I often answering the calls at office. Many  Most of them talk out of the blue without even identifying themselves. This is so common that I am beginning to wonder, how come nobody ever taught them to introduce themselves. 

Here are a few examples of what I hear when I pick up the phone and say hello – 

“Is your office your own or rented property?” 

“There is an issue with my delivery.” 

“I have not yet received my quotation.”

“I want to talk to the person in charge.” 

“Do you have a — printer?” 

“How many employees do you have?”

Then, there was this girl who once called uncle and asks: “What is your student card and passport number?” She was from the hostel and they were verifying the details of the hostel students. A point-blank question like that and she could not explain why she wanted it!

When you don’t explain anything, why do you expect people to reveal all these details to some random person over the phone? So, next time you are making an official call, please state your name, where are you calling from and then the purpose of your business, so that you can be redirected to the right person, instead of point-blank shooting questions. Seems like common sense but looks like this needs to be stated.


5 thoughts on “Telephone etiquette 101

  1. Point well taken, e mail etiquette and telephone etiquette are learnings that are sorely missing in youngsters nowadays. They just jump straight out of colleges into jobs and there is no formal trainings provided to them for these things.

    1. I would not say this is age specific, I have seen much older people’s official emails too. One does not need formal training, one needs common sense. I think it is a case of nobody telling/showing you what to do.

    1. I am referring specifically to office calls. Of course if it is a cell phone, we know who it is or your house landline, we can guess by the voice, but in office where anyone can pick up the call – I feel it is unacceptable.

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