Snippets of my life #3

After reading IHM’s blog post  & comments on bra straps showing, I remembered some incidents, which would be considered very embarrassing but I want to demonstrate that these kind of things happen to everybody at sometime or the other and are not a big deal.

#1 Yeh kya hai? (What is this?)

This was 9 years ago. I was in the canteen with my classmates and we were standing in a circle. I was taking out something from my bag when my sanitary napkin fell down. One of the guys picked it up, held it high for everyone to see and asks “yeh kya hai?” I was irritated and asked him to give it back to me.  

#2 The skirt 

This was 2.5 years ago. I was walking to the classroom after going to the toilet. As I was sitting down, I realized that my skirt was accidentally tucked in my panties, shit! There was a guy right behind me when I was walking into the class with my skirt up!  I was embarrassed like for 2 minutes. I even attended the same classes with him. I am so brave, right? 🙂

#3 On the floor

I was standing when D told me that I was bleeding. I looked down and saw blood flowing down my legs and there were 3 drops on the floor. D cleaned up the floor & I went to wash my legs. I was mortified for a moment but got over it. 

We need to stop shaming and being ashamed of our undies/periods. I am still doing great after all this happened & the earth did not open up to swallow me up because I have brought shame to womankind 😉 There are bigger problems in this world to be ashamed of.

One thought on “Snippets of my life #3

  1. My best frend got periods n she had a bad time as she would bleed a lot.. many ppl around wud know she got her periods n comment about how shameless she is !! 1. i have recently started thinking y exactly shud i hide the pads ?? anyway the boys know tat they r pads.. i dont take any extra trouble to use a black cover to “hide” my pad.. 2. also i dont feel ashamed anymore if my dress is tucked in my pant or just flies … i dont know y to feel ashamed of it either.. my frend made such a fuss tat her dress was flying revealing her butts and i dint i dint see that n inform her.. i dint think of it much den but it looks silly wen i remember her saying “meri izzat ki chinta nahi hai tumhe” !! bullshit!!!!

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