News: Violence against women in Asia

United Nations agencies did a multi-national study in Asia on violence against women and reasons for it.

The link for the report can be found at:

Here are some important points from the report:

  • Rape of a partner was more common than non-partner rape 
  • Rape starts early in life 
  • Rape was most commonly motivated by sexual entitlement 
  • Most rapist do not suffer from legal consequences
  • Men are also raped
  • Childhood abuse had serious consequences


  • Reasons for rape? – Sexual entitlement, Fun/bored, revenge , drinking
  • Rape of intimate partner was more common than a non partner
  • Women were more likely to subscribe to social norms that perpetuated male dominance.
  • Violence against women is primarily about gender inequality.

So what can we learn/do from this?

  • Stop blaming women for asking for it – getting abused/raped
  • Parents should let go of their children, once they grow up & stop making decisions for them. Why do I say that? – People who have no sense of power over their own lives are likely to exert their power via violence towards women/children and the cycle will continue unless we put a stop to it in our generation. Adult children, act like adults and take responsibility for your own lives & decisions: especially if you are in a position to do so – earning money/educated 
  • Sex education and stop demonizing interaction between the sexes – most men from conservative societies do not know shit about women and are still discussing and passing on stupid myths among themselves at the age of 25.
  • Women – Discover yourselves and please speak up. 
  • Sex is not something man needs and woman gives. One species CANNOT make one gender sexual & the other asexual. That is plain stupid. Get that in your heads and drill it into your kids heads too. 
  • I still strongly believe, a much better legal system will be a deterrent for molestation/rapes by non partners by virtue of my observations.  

There is so much more so say, but one post is not enough to cover it.  At least we have data to reiterate with, in case somebody makes random patriarchal statements. 

5 thoughts on “News: Violence against women in Asia

  1. This was really interesting. I definitely agree on the “stop demonizing interaction between the sexes” part. My father once talked about his childhoos neighbour, who was such a “good girl, she doesn’t speak to boys at all”…and I was thinking, how is it a good thing to be unable to communicate with half of the population? The more girls and guys speak to each other, the more they will realise that the other sex is human, too.

    1. Exactly that whole concept is stupid. I like Dr. Dodson’s way of putting it ” You did not lose anything. You gained experience.When did that become a bad thing?”

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