Song of the summer 2013

Have you heard of the “song of the summer”? 

Robin Thicke’s Blurred lines? It is one of those songs which keeps playing on the radio and I never caught on the lyrics, save a line here and there. 2 days ago, when I came across the feminist parody of blurred lines, I ended up looking up the lyrics and the video of both the original song and the parody. I could not believe how such a song was being touted as the in-thing in media considering how misogynist it was. But yeah, sex sells every single time. 

Here’s the video. You would need to sign in though because you have naked women walking around only in thongs and shoes. I have no issues with nudity but this makes me feel like women are toys, not people. 

The lyrics are so misogynistic. 

“I know you want it, But you’re a good girl, The way you grab me, Must wanna get nasty” – This sounds like all that victim blaming for molesting and raping women. She provoked me. She looked at me like she wanted it. She was dressed like that, so I knew she wants it. If women want “it”, we will state it. You can stop telling us, we want it. Thank you. At the same time, in conservative cultures, don’t many women pretend they are asexual and act coy like “chodo na, chi, kya kar rahe ho” types too? I have heard so many women tell me, what to do, guys want it, have to do it…. 

“I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two” 

Actually this video was directed by a woman who claims it was not misogynistic. To be fair, we cannot only hold the singer responsible for this though he appears on the video. Instead, lets hold everybody involved with this production responsible!  An album with videos is not only done by the singer, it has so many people and I do not even know who wrote those lyrics.

The feminist version seemed cruel & disrespectful to me at first, but after seeing the unrated version, it did not seem that cruel at all. It is a great reply but still I felt some of it was getting at misogyny with more hate. Overall, the parody is way better the original. 

“Let me emasculate ya” 

“Prepare for your castration” 

Let’s respect humans (and animals) , males or females or transgenders and masculine & feminine and everything in between. Period.

11 thoughts on “Song of the summer 2013

  1. I wish to talk about the woman u said r asexual.. I too behaved tat way in high school.aren’t we taught tat good girls don’t let boys touch dem n d movies always pointing out tat love is not love if der is lust… bt things change.. y is it always a boy demanding n grl giving. I even have frends who do ‘it’ to save their relationship(wid bf).. s der r many who pretend to b u know well der s no other choice.. ppl name u as ‘characterless’.. I read a book female eunuch by german greer .. if u haven’t read it do changed my mindset abt tis kind of culture such teaches grls to b asexual n no physical intimacy for pure love.. tis may b dangerous. grls meet n depend on someone they hardly know for der physical needs as it is unethical even to speak abt sex to ur frends . I have seen it. its hard to change everyone s mindset so I changed mine.if I want something I can b clear. n wen I don’t want something I mean it!!

    1. I completely get what you mean.

      Yes, asexuality is glorified in conservative cultures. Who is a good boy – “does not laugh & talk to girls” Though a wome nis more likely to be controlled. I think the point to remember is that humans are sexual.

      You might wish to take a look at – on the topic of women’s sexuality

  2. I had such a huge fight with one my friends over this. Yes, the lyrics are very misogynistic, but really, how is it contribuing to “rape culture”? It is a popular song not because of its lyrics, but because of its tune and it’s catchy refrain. Not many people actually know the lyrics. So many rap and hip-hop songs have terrible lyrics and music videos that exploit women. Why is this being treated any differently? Lighten up, people, it’s just avery catchy song.

    1. Every bit by bit confirms and promotes misogyny. It gets entrenched in your psyche. Drop by drop makes and ocean. These tiny words/ideas/deeds add to misogyny. Just because a few did not catch the words does not mean everybody did not.

      1. Um, no, it doesn’t. Please don’t tell me what gets entrenched in my psyche.
        The way I see it, both of them are at a club, and the woman is showing clear signs of interest in him, but the guy isn’t sure whether or not to make a move. This song is about whether or not he should make his move. And how, exactly, is it promoting misogyny?

        1. Do they mention the song is set in a club? No. And, if either gender feels the need to play games instead of communicating clearly, then it is lame irrespective of gender. It is promoting misogyny, because it promotes the idea that women are not equal people with their own minds. It promotes the idea that men cannot control themselves & women are just waiting to get it from men. People have a life beyond that.

          You maybe beyond getting entrenched by these songs but clearly that does not seem to be the case with the general population.

          1. K, sorry, this will be my last comment here. Of course they don’t mention the song is set in a club, but do they mention that the song is about rape and the blurred lines of consent?No. We are both reading into it. Like it or not, relationships, at least in the early stages, are about playing games. You don’t just go upto someone you like and tell them how you feel. You wait and gauge the extent of their feelings before doing anything. I feel like this song is about that.
            It does not promote misogyny. If anything, the lyrics “that man is not your maker”seem like thicke is telling the woman that she can date and have sex with whoever she wants, breaking away from conventional roles. As to your second point, are you saying that women never “want it”? Sometimes they do, but they wait for the man to make the first move. This is totally different from telling a woman that she is asking for it, which I don’t think thicke says. And as for people having a life beyond that-I’m sure they do, but this is a song, a specific song about a specific feeling.
            I really don’t think the general population listens to this incredibly catchy song and thinks “oh yes thicke is promoting rape yes let’s rape all women are asking for it”. That being said, people have different opinions, and I guess we can agree to disagree.

            1. I say, people should be open if they like someone instead of playing games. I am not a fan of that. I never said “women never want it”. I said women are not always waiting for men to give it to them. Why is sex always portrayed at something men want and women get? That is patriarchal and conservative.

              The point here is of consent – what men from one society may deem as consent may be different in another society. I have a problem with people pretending to be mind readers and insisting women want something and act accordingly. A woman out after 6PM may be construed as wanting it in many Indian cities & taken as a cue for harassment. If women want it, they should state it but in most cases, women are depicted as not knowing what they want and saying no, even if they mean yes, which is a problem.

              Recent survey on how men in Asia do not look for consent from women (40% men from Asia say they raped a woman because they believe they do not need consent) is a reflection of this attitude.

      1. I still totally, totally disagree, and I think that people are making way too much of a fuss about this. I can understand where you are coming from, but I don’t see the song in the same way at all.

        1. Again, as I said, I am referring to how a huge majority of the population will look at it, not only you. The truth is huge parts of the world are misogynistic. Look at what kind of movies become hits in India and how sensible movies are huge flops

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