Nobody told him

Based on a true story

It was summer holidays.

They went to their aunt’s place.

Everybody was having lunch.

They finished eating.

The men left the table.

The women were clearing up the table.

Aunt started giving instructions to the kids.

“Girl #1, you put all the things in the kitchen in their places.”

Girl #2, you transfer the leftovers to small boxes.”

Girl #3, you clean the table.”

Girl #3 noticed something. Boy #1 was on bed watching Formula one racing. Nobody told him to do anything. 

Gender discrimination starts at home.


5 thoughts on “Nobody told him

  1. Yes, this discrimination is still happening everywhere,and not uncommon among the very literates or affluent. I have an aunt with masters degree who discriminates a lot between her twin daughter and son and I end up feeling that girl child doesn’t belong to her. Its too difficult to fight for our rights. society then picturise us as arrogant and overpowering

    1. Well, many thing are hard including giving birth but that does not stop women from getting pregnant right 😉 Awareness and not repeating what people did to us is the key. Yes, society will judge and criticize but everybody draws their own boundaries on how much of the society they are willing to listen to and ignore.

    1. Yes, I do not have brothers, so I did not go through all this, but I did notice it among my ‘modern & progressive’ cousins.

      Awareness and remembering enough not to do it ourselves is the key

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