The Realization

“Wait for me at the junction. I will come at 9 PM” He said.

She waited at the junction.

She was engrossed in the book.

Minutes passed.

She was still reading the book.

She had barely looked up.

Then, she realized something.

It was so weird.

Nobody had bothered her.

Nobody has brushed against her.

No guy had stopped by her and said “aati kya?” (Hindi for will you come with me?)

No guy had said “Why are you waiting here?”

Nobody passed comments or made her uncomfortable.

She remembered those times waiting for buses and felt sad.

It is sad that a woman cannot stand alone on the road in India (and many other conservative countries) without being bothered. Public spaces are for the public but looks like women do not come under people or public.


6 thoughts on “The Realization

  1. Oh yes! Husband was telling me about a time when he must have been a teenager(late teens), and he went to his aunt’s place where his little cousin, years younger than him was asked to ‘look after’ him, as in serve his lunch him his lunch etc. At that point, he never thought about it, but now, he is horrified at how easily he accepted the fact that a younger child is given that responsibility just because she was a girl, while he should have been the one to loom after the younger kids, given that he was much older than them.

    1. That is why we need to question our conditioning constantly and check with ourselves. It is so easy to fall into the patriarchal trap and perpetuate the same things

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