Tokyo airport

A few months ago I transited at Tokyo Narita airport.  The airport was small and seemed to have a low lying roof though appears clean & well organized.  Here are some pictures of the Tokyo Airport –


IMG_1449I bought a couple of Japanese sweets. They were quite good. Payments can be made in USD. The Duty free shops were quite crowded. Japanese foods are packaged in a very nice fashion. I bought these sweets based on their English descriptions at the airport.  I assume, such descriptions may not be available once you are out of the airport. 

Mochis are glutinous rice flour sweets of different flavours – the most common ones I have come across are sesame, green tea & strawberry.


I really liked the Tokyo Banana – It was a sweet and light custard sponge cake with banana filling and the box as you can see below was gift wrapped.

I think the Japanese airport has pretty cool toilets unlike anywhere else I have seen before. So many facilities in the toilets 🙂 

This is when you enter the toilet. Good to know I have so many options.

IMG_1447Choose between a toilet with a bidet or one without.


IMG_1440The  toilet bowl has so many button next to the seat.

IMG_1443A closer look –  stop, shower, flushing sound volume control (?!), spray strength (blind people friendly), I think the writing and buttons in Japanese indicate temperature of water.



Washing your hands –  The tap has temperature control for your water.


I believe I was the only one clicking away in a toilet!

I ate at some food stall at the airport. The girl at counter could kind of speak some English and they made a vegetarian noodle soup for me by adding water and leaving out meat. I am not sure what this is called – It was a soup of noodles, tofu skin, some greens and spring onion. Pretty basic recipe but I like more greens in my dish.

IMG_1438This soup was too bland for me and I added in some soy sauce and chili flakes to make up for that.


Then, I am back in the plane.


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