When feminism is a poison

When a BBC reporter meets Russian women attending pole dancing classes and talks to them, here is what we learn: 

  • The women are attending classes on how to get a rich husband
  • Money is very important
  • Feminism is a poison
  • Normal women cannot be feminists


I felt the woman looked nervous when asked if she would never find a rich guy. Like failing was not an option.

tumblr_mfsrpbSgk91s1tus7o1_1280Feminism is not a poison. How can people expect to be fully functional adults who do not want to do anything for themselves but are willing to be completely dependent on somebody else to provide for them. This perpetuates a cycle of disrespect for women in everybody’s minds. Why not think of succeeding and making enough money on your own?

This reminds of an interview of Dr Northrup  where she says – “Most people are ingrained with the notion of original sin of being born a female, that a female is not worthy of being, for existing on this earth and that women have to earn their keep in this world by sacrificing, giving pleasure to others.”

Nobody is any lesser than others by virtue of their race, skin colour or gender. This is so sad that we are perpetuating such feelings to a huge majority of the world’s population.

5 thoughts on “When feminism is a poison

  1. What would be your take on the following: (hope you won’t justify by saying that the guy brought it upon himself and find ways to justify it)

    Emma Roberts Arrested for Domestic Violence in news today

    What will u say about this story – she physically assaulted her bf a bloody nose and a bite mark too& u know she was released later bcoz the bf declined to press charges and made up with her

    u might dismiss it off as a rare incidence or would u equate it to misandry just as an attack on a woman is also representative of misogyny as per all

    or would u go further & be fair by berating the guy, a victim of domestic violence here, for declining to press charges against his gf?

    1. I do not justify violence against anybody – be it men, women, children or animals.

      And I am always skeptical of media stories. We do not know the whole truth. I cannot force the guy to press charges right? If he does and he is being truthful, very good.

      TB, feminists are not men haters, we believe nobody should be treated as inferior/superior because of their gender /race etc.

  2. ” How can people expect to be fully functional adults who do not want to do anything for themselves but are willing to be completely dependent on somebody else to provide for them?”

    Well, the ‘choice’ to live this way is also arguably a ‘feminist’ choice these days 🙂 Not that I would argue it that way, but individual choice has been placed on such high a pedestal these days (perhaps rightly), that to look at these choices through the prism of any collective -ism can prove to be frustrating. It’s a catch-22 situation- can feminism ‘dictate’ what feminist choices are while still claiming to champion the cause of the individual?
    Also, the notion , that women are equal to men, strikes me as a teeny bit redundant- all people irrespective of gender and race and various other differences are supposed to be created equal, so this ‘humanism’ includes the core feminist principle as well. Sorry if I’ve veered tangentially, but the definition of feminism versus it’s practice is something I’m still wrapping my head around.

    1. Firstly, any ism dictates certain principles. That’s why you have a choice to choose your isms.

      People can choose to be dependent on someone and insist it is a feminist choice. It is feminism if you are not treated as inferior just by virtue of being a woman. It is feminism is you have the full freedom and power to be who you are. Would these women be broken and love themselves if they did not land a rich guy? Would they still be okay with their lives?

      I understand we cannot make women feminists but we can make them question their conditioning which they have taken as facts – women are inferior & are meant to serve men

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