Comic: Redemption of the fallen woman

Redemption of the fallen woman


7 thoughts on “Comic: Redemption of the fallen woman

  1. Also, a ‘do bachchon ki amma’ is seen as an unattractive woman, unlikely to do anything that might make make men see her as ‘provocative’ – and she is unlikely to be interested in sex as anything but her husband’s right and her duty, that too makes her a good woman.

    1. ‘do bachon ki amma’ – cracks me up
      Though it is true. Married women especially mothers are seen as asexual. But then unmarried women are also meant to be asexual but they can be hit upon

    1. It did mildly suprise me how easily opinions could change bout a woman who got married and has a kid. And I had similar conversations twice very recently with seemingly urban, educated guys.

      1. it happens everyday.. if she does something according to what you think or in your favor then she is nice.. if she does something that is different or not in favor then she is a bitch

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