Once upon a time in high school

Once upon a time in high school…

Ms Teacher enters the class.

“Students, I have graded your exam papers. Please take up one paper which is not your own and total the marks by the side and give it back to me to record.”

Students take papers and add up the marks fervently. Nervousness fill the class room. The students are tense about their final marks for the paper. Finally, everybody returns the papers to the teacher. Teacher is recording the marks.

“Female student got the highest marks for this paper?!”

Teacher cannot believe her eyes. Her favourite male student is always gets the highest marks.

Teacher to male student – “Check your marks again. Are you sure I graded every single question you answered. Did you accidentally forget to answer a question in the exam? It is strange you got the second highest score in class while the female student got the highest score.”

One year later…

Same Ms Teacher. Same scene. Same totaling of scores. Favourite male student scores the highest marks this time. Female student has the second highest marks.

“Students, see the difference in their marks. This clearly shows boys are better than girls.”

When your teacher tells you that boys are better than girls, do not believe it. When your society tells you that women are inferior to men, do not believe it.


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