Self Racism

I was in the lift with a white guy.

Lift door opens.

There are 2 cleaning ladies who wanted to transport their cleaning stuff to another level.

On seeing us in the lift, they refused to enter and closed the lift door.

The white guy opens  the door and ask them to come in because there was space in the lift.

Me (surprised):  “Is there something I missed?  Why did they refuse to enter the lift?”

White guy: “Probably because we were in the lift and they do not want to disturb us, sort of like respect as they are cleaning ladies.”

Me: “None of the cleaning ladies ever refused entering a lift when I was in the lift!”

White guy: “Most of them refuse to enter the lift on seeing me”

Me:  “This is self racism! They are automatically giving you more respect and are intimidated by white skin but they think it is fine when an Asian is in the lift.”

How many times have I come across this attitude in Asia? Among so many Asians.

Before we complain of other people being racist, let us stop and analyse  how often and why we  Asians perceive white people as superior, richer and smarter and often look down upon dark skinned people and are less courteous to them.  

Breaking your conditioning – Catch yourself, every time you automatically attribute certain characteristics to a person because of their skin colour. 


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