Review: Bombay Cafe Singapore

Bombay Café, Singapore has been on my to-go-to-eat list for a long time and I finally went last week, not once but twice. I went to the branch opposite Mustafe centre because they will most likely have the best cook.  I had one lunch on a Tuesday and one dinner on a Wednesday, so we covered different times and different dishes. Note that it is a vegetarian restaurant.

Décor: Nice. They have movie posters of Bollywood framed all over. Pink and black as the website and the décor does not look outdated.

Music: Bollywood songs and they are not repetitive. Some places have 2 CDs they keep playing over and over again and it is not fun.

Service: Good. Food did come within a decent period of time.

Website: Can do with some updating. The menu with their price is on the website. GST and 10% service charges apply.

Now comes the most important part.

Food: These are things we ordered.

  1. Pani puri/ gol guppa – Disspointing. The puri was pretty thick, which is not how it should be.
  2. Pav Bhaji – Very good.
  3. Mango lassi – Good
  4. Kabab Sizzler – This consisted of various kebabs and starters served on a sizzling plate of jeera rice, a bowl of daal makhani and naan. The naan was great. Daal makhani was great. Too much rice – I do not like being served an overload of carbs.  The jeera rice was very good. Grilled paneer – awesome. The paneer was definitely fresh and not frozen Grilled Cauliflower – awesome Stuffed potato (bharwan aloo)– was okay but I was too full by then Vegetable rolls – okay but then I was full.
  5. Dry gobi manchuria – awesome. Definitely one of the best I have tasted in Sg
  6. Naan  separately – Awesome
  7. Grilled cauliflower (separately) – awesome
  8. Paneer butter masala – Great.
  9. Daal makhani (separately) – awesome
  10. Kulfi – great
  11. Rasgulla – okayish

Overall, I really liked their food. They serve very good food on weekdays too, while some Indian restaurants here will have good food on weekends but not on weekdays. Great food and this has become one of my top 3 favourite restaurants for Indian food in town.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by anybody for this review. It is the personal opinion of my friends and I. 

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