Steps to a new reader

Google reader is shutting down and that is sad news. I rely on it to follow a large number of blogs and I do not want a barrage of emails in my inbox updating me about new posts. I am used to it. 

  1. Initially I was in denial. They really can’t be shutting it down.  
  2. Then, I continue using Google Reader because it is shutting down only in July.
  3. I start searching for a new reader and that constitutes reading articles about the alternatives.
  4. I try many of them, see how it looks on a browser. See how it looks on my my iPad. Try the apps they have.
  5. I could not seem to like anything and I went back to Google reader.
  6. Finally, I tried Bloglovin and I am very happy with it. I do not open my Google Reader any more which I used to do when I was trying other apps. You can import all your feeds directly which many other readers are offering because GR is shutting down.

Thanks to the users who suggested Bloglovin on a post here. I am glad I tried it  🙂 

One thought on “Steps to a new reader

  1. Me too! I FEEL THE PAIN that Google reader is going to disappear really soon!


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