I got it!

So, yesterday I took leave from office. I went to the university to collect my degree scroll.  I went to the office. Clearly you are not allowed inside and you have to call them on the phone from outside and state your purpose.

“So, how do you feel?”

“Erm, nothing.”

“I am interviewing you for a documentary. You gotta give a proper answer. So, how do you feel that all this is over and you never have to come back?”

“I feel calm. A sigh of relief. Like I peed after holding it in for a pretty long time.”

“Whoever answers like that!”

“Ha ha”

The lady came out, asked me my ID and took out my degree cert from the drawers. She gave me my certificate and asked me to sign and that was it.

I do not like rituals or ceremonies (unless I made them for myself) where you have to dress up which was why I will be skipping the graduation ceremony which is going to held in sometime. Also, it is not like I have many classmates I would be seeing graduate with me and the ceremony is an opportunity to meet them.

Finally, I got my degree.

It sure was one hell of a journey but I grew so much through this degree.


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