Why is female pleasure taboo?

I was at a dinner party. We had people from all over but majority were Indians. Jokes were going around. Conversation turns around to blogs and me.

“You know how many blogs she follows!”

Surprised looks.

” You know she follows blogs on female sexuality”

Giggles going around.

“It is not a joke. How many women have even experienced a single orgasm in their entire lives? It is so often because of our society and men who deny it to them.”

Complete silence for 30 seconds. Nobody laughed. Nobody said anything.

That brings me to the point. Why were they silenced by female pleasure? The same set of people are considered progressive, drink, wear western clothes, joke about porn, sex and movies like Basic Instinct but the mention of female orgasm shuts them up. Like pleasure of women is non existent and men’s pleasure in every form is important.

Sexuality is all pervasive but taboo. Women are all over but their pleasure (in any form – sexual or not) is taboo. Women are only meant for service and their desires and wishes are always in terms of men and putting everybody else’s needs first.

Isn’t that what we have been conditioned into? All the ideal women images we have been fed into are sacrificing, mothers, wives and similar types. A woman who is into her own pleasure is selfish. A woman who has her own ideas and desires is selfish. Women feel and are made to feel uncomfortable with feeling good and pleasure.

sitting on the dock of the bay

Breaking your conditioning – Catch yourself every time you associate guilt with pleasure and feel embarrassed about women and pleasure.


One thought on “Why is female pleasure taboo?

  1. hey bw good day…hope ur dng great….juz now read ur recent one…R ROCK as asusual…

    On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 11:02 AM, Boiling Wok

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