Conditioned into misogyny


I am tired of hearing news of rape after rape. Anyway, I do not have much faith in our government or police or our judicial system.

We were discussing about this and somebody was like “Is it the Indian men? Why does this keep on happening?”

I believe this is a systemic problem:

  1. The institutions in this country are hardly functional or efficient.
  2. The attitudes of our society – this includes people of all genders and orientations.

I think it is time, we really examined our attitudes and how we consciously or subconsciously, through tiny little or big actions  perpetrate misogyny, gender discrimination and a failure to treat people with respect.

We need to break free from the the gender social conditioning  we are full of.

Breaking your conditioning – Really examine your actions and thoughts. Do they come from a place of inferiority of women? Change starts with awareness.


One thought on “Conditioned into misogyny

  1. Our police and government are completely dysfunctional. The only hope for change lies in people’s attitudes. I don’t think there’s an increase in crimes against women – I think the number of women/families reporting these crimes has increased. For the first time, women in India are saying the shame is not ours, it is the perpetrators’. That is good news. We still have a long way to go in terms of changing our attitudes. But it’s a start.

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