How to hand out your business card

Last month, I was on a business trip and meeting lots of people. When you meet people, you are usually handing out your business cards. And I noticed that I and many other people are getting introduced and talking and looking for appropriate moments in the course of the conversation to give you their business card.

 Conversations or meetings do not always start or go the way you expect them to. And I felt kind of awkward waiting around and pouncing on moments when I could take out my business card and hand it over. And I observed that lot of other people (who clearly were older and been working longer) were also unsure as to when to hand out their business card and apparently, when one party is handing out theirs, is a very good moment to give yours too, but it often is the case of who would make the first move. 

Then, in one business meeting, there was this lady, about as old as me and she went like this: 

“Hi, I am …. and this is my business card.”

I felt, this was such a simple, easy and effective way of giving your business card, instead of waiting around for an appropriate moment in the conversation.

 It also helps that when you give out your business card when you introduce yourself, people can remember and get your name and you are from different cultures. I still do not get a lot of South East Asian names and often cannot remember who it was if I do not have their business card. Sometimes, I have three business cards in one meeting and I am already confused who is called what! 


3 thoughts on “How to hand out your business card

  1. Some tips I was given by my seniors:

    Always give out your card with the right hand (or both hands if you are in Japan) and never the left (as some people think of it as wrong like eating with your left hand).

    Only give your card if some one asks for it, or gives it to you in the first place

    Read what is written on the card so that you may ask something if you donot understand. Read before mechanically placing the card in your wallet/card holder/ bag etc.

    1. Both hands – Not only Japan but almost all over south east Asia. I sometime don’t follow it because I do not remember to.

      Left hand- Though it is considered rude, it seems to be like discrimination against left handed people

      Only give when someone asks for it or gives you one – This is the rule which creates the awkward situation. Should I wait for them to give? How will it be that both parties are waiting for the other party to give the card first.

      i think it is easier to give the card, in meetings you know you will need their contact, in the beginning. That way, they can check your name again.

      1. I was discussing this with a friend last night, and he told me that we should give out the card in a manner that the text faces the receiver/reader.. It makes sense to do so

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