How to respond to a compliment

I was at lunch today and Anna commented twice that Lisa had lovely complexion. Lisa rejected the compliments every time by saying things like “No, I do not have great skin”, ” I have a tiny pimple here on my eyebrow”.

Why do people, especially women, feel uncomfortable  with receiving compliments? Is it to look modest like expected in some cultures? Why are we uncomfortable when people praise us? Do we feel people will think we are arrogant when we show that we are happy with the compliment? Or their compliments will jinx our assets, like we are going to have a break out tomorrow because someone complimented us on our good skin today?

Let us be honest with ourselves here: every body likes being appreciated and getting compliments makes us feel better. So, why not accept openly, something that we love to receive? Why be shamed into rejecting it?

On the other hand, how many of us will instantly reject when somebody says something bad about us to our face? We shut up and complain about them behind their back. We cry alone or with other friends. When we can accept nasty things said to us in silence, why do we reject nice things said to us and downplay our worth? Accepting a compliment graciously means we value ourselves.

Here’s a post for this:

and a video on this:


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