That song on radio last night

I was listening to radio and  this particular Hindi song play – ooh la la, tu hai meri fantasy from the movie “The Dirty Picture” and I was pretty appalled by the lyrics. These lyrics represent the attitudes of our society towards women and sexual harassment. No wonder, we think it is okay to harass women.

Male – “Chhedenge hum tujhko  Ladki tu hai badi bumbat”  

We will tease you (romantic overtones implied), you are an awesome girl

Female – “Choona na choona na, Choona na choona na, Ab main jawaan ho gayi” 

Don’t touch me, I am a woman now (Jawaan means a person is no longer a child and indicates sexual maturity).

Female -“Haaye Chhuaa jo tune jo Dil ne maari seeti”

Ah you touched me and my heart whistled.

This was ridiculous. Didn’t she just state in the previous line that she told the guy not to touch her. And then, she says her heart whistled when he touched her. So, basically he touched her after she told him not too and then after he touches her against her wishes, she states that she enjoyed it.

Doesn’t all this add into already entrenched stereotypes about women in our society? That women are meant to be harassed. That women do not know what they want or their own desires. That their wishes are not to be respected. Men can and will do things to women’s bodies against their own wishes. Argh stupid lyrics…


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