News: Barack Obama and sexism

This is the news all over US papers – Barack Obama and his sexist remarks 

Kamala Harris ‘Compliment’ that leaves Barack Obama eager to shake off sexism tag

Here is the remark that caused all this drama:

“She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough,” Obama said of the California attorney general. “She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general…”

As a feminist, what is my opinion about this?:

  1. I feel people or whoever started this are over reacting.
  2. Let us be realistic and really look into ourselves and our society. Looks do matter. Men or women.
  3. He did not say, she is dumb and all she has is looks. Then I would be offended.  He complimented her work and added that she looks good.
  4. This kind of uproar assumes that only men judge women in terms of looks but women don’t. If we were honest  with ourselves, we know it is not true. 
  5. This makes it sound like, women do not want to look good but are forced into looking good by a evil society which values women on how good they look, not what they do.
  6. I think, in the name of feminism, we should stop rejecting everything considered traditionally feminine. We used to think feminine things are inferior and now, women rejecting everything feminine in name of equality are implying as well that feminine is inferior which is why they are rejecting it. At the same time, I do not want other people imposing their ideas of what feminine must be on me. 

Next time, somebody pays you a compliment about your looks, remember you manners and say a graceful thank you. Take offence, when it is sexist and giving compliments is not sexist. 

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