Single & Bitchy

This post was originally written in March, 2013. However, it is missing and I cannot find it in my folders either. So, I am publishing it again.

Based on a true conversation.

“She is a bitch. She is like this because she has no boyfriend and she is not married.”

“Why is her bitchiness connected to her being single? If your male boss was this nasty to you, would you connect that with him being single or married?”


“Then, why do we do that for women? I would say, she is not bitchy because she is single, but because she is like this, it is difficult for her to be with someone.”

If someone is being single & bitchy, yes ,they could be unhappy with their lives but then that need not mean that it is the sole cause of their bitchiness. And, they could turn nasty because of societal pressure, even if they are okay being single.

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