Period Myths 6 – Do not touch babies

I felt there was nothing more to write about period myths until I came across this myth recently. A lady told me that her grand mom does not allow her to touch babies in their house when she is menstruating which sounds extremely stupid, to be blunt.

  1. Don’t all women bleed after giving birth to a child? Is it not almost like a period but with a slightly different composition? So, should mothers who gave birth not hold or touch their babies?
  2. What about mothers with babies who are having periods. Do they automatically stop touching their babies or breast feeding them?
  3. Where do they think is the foetus during the pregnancy? Floating in a sea of nectar? Of course, surrounded by such uterine lining which is composed of period blood kind of things and deriving its nourishment from the umbilical cord.
Stupidity has no bounds and  I hope more people speak out and refuse to follow these practices outright and refuse to make their children follow these too.
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3 thoughts on “Period Myths 6 – Do not touch babies

  1. eh! What nonsense!!
    Another friend told me that a custom in their place is that a new mother shouldn’t take bath for 10 days or something like that! I gaped at her!! How unhygienic is that?!
    When will these stupid practices end?!

    1. Chinese women apparently cannot take a shower for 1 month after giving birth because that makes your body go cold and you have to keep your body warm. I cannot imagine not showering because it feels so good.

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