Snippets of my life #1

I was falling asleep yesterday, when I remembered this incident.

I used to go to meditation classes in the University every week and often had friends/acquaintances come along.

We were meditating.

I was lying down and meditating.

I dozed off.

The meditation was over.

I woke up and we left.

My friend kept laughing.

Apparently, in the middle of the meditation, I had let out a very loud laugh.

So loud, everybody opened their eyes and looked at me.

So embarrassing!

Had it been a few years before, I would have died of embarrassment.

I would never have entered the same meditation class again, ever.

This time, I was okay. 

Everybody does silly things once in a while.

I laughed out loud in a meditation class in my sleep.

It sounds so funny in retrospect.

I showed up at the meditation class next week 🙂

Coincidentally, as today happens to be a Valentine’s day, this is all about loving yourself and being okay with who you are and forgiving yourself when you do silly things like these. Because if you cannot stand by yourself always, who will?

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