Culture & civilizations? Bah!

Anytime I talk about some changes which need to happen in our country and our society, one of the most common responses is:

” Our culture is different. We cannot compare with other countries.”
“We are a such an old culture. Why should we give it up to westernization.”
“Some things are a part of our culture. These cannot be changed so easily.”

Stop using culture and civilization as an excuse to justify wrong in our society and country. If we are such a great culture, why are we:

  • Killing our foetuses?
  • Burning and killing our women?
  • Harassing our women?
  • Treating our children badly?
  • Treating our women as inferior and sub humans while we claim to worship them?
  • Not respecting people in general and trying to control them?
  • Do not value life of a human being or an animal?
  • Reading news like this? –  link; link

There are so many other countries and cultures that are equally old and have progressed. Why can’t we? Don’t tell me, our culture is different blah blah because we are all humans in the first place and culture is created by humans not magically installed in place by someone unknown force.

When people uphold stupid, meaningless, hateful practices in the name of tradition and culture and resist changing in the name of preserving our culture, all I have to say is, if we did what our ancestors did and they did what their ancestors did, we would all be roaming in jungles like animals. Agriculture, scriptures, art, civilization, religion were also not in our ancestors’ culture.

Somebody changed things and we can too, for the better.

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