Facebook leads to envy & resentment

A study by German researchers shows that Facebook can lead to dissatisfaction and envy. While we do not need a study to show these things, scientific studies seem more valid for many people.

“Witnessing friends’ vacations, love lives and work successes on Facebook can cause envy and trigger feelings of misery and loneliness, according to German researchers.”

Agree. I have not felt every emotion mentioned here due to Facebook but yes, when you are feeling low, you feel worse when you see that everybody else’s work, life  seems to be going well.

“1 in 3 people felt worse after visiting the site and more dissatisfied with their lives.”

Agree. I am not sure about the statistics but it can make you feel worse when all that other people on your friend list do is eating out at fancy places, succeed at work and go on holidays and have the best, most amazing holiday/birthday/ bf’s/gf’s/ spouses/in laws.

“vacation photos were the biggest cause of resentment”.

True, especially when you haven’t had a holiday in a long while and are working away.

“Social interaction was the second most common cause of envy, as users could compare how many birthday greetings they received to those of their Facebook friends and how many “likes” or comments were made on photos and postings.”

I never did this but i can imagine this happening. Many people also compare the number of friends, we used to do it way back in Orkut times along with testimonials, Orkut star ratings.

“The spread and ubiquitous presence of envy on Social Networking Sites is shown to undermine users’ life satisfaction,”

Then, disconnect. Despite all this FB can be useful if we use it judiciously to keep in touch.

Oh, did I mention the feeling when you see a person who has not reciprocated your efforts to keep in touch at all (that includes ignoring your communications) citing lack of time and then you see them so very active on FB?

I feel social networking has led to an easy way of projecting a very false image of oneself and it is aggravated in people who are very hung up on projecting a false image to the world.

Everything good is exaggerated and put up on FB but people do not feel comfortable being their authentic selves. But then, this phenomenon existed way before social media but social media makes it more accessible and widespread.

How many people are okay with showing their vulnerabilities and instead we try to put up a larger than life image for celebrities. Even in religion, god is shown as infallible and perfect.Don’t we all have our weaknesses and low points in life? 

Why can’t we be okay with who we are, our strengths and our weaknesses? 

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