Beauty and sex

I was talking to my friend yesterday and  I was telling her about the scandal where the prof had sex with his student. I showed her the newspaper articles and the girl’s photo. Her first comment was that the girl looks so different from what she imagined because she envisioned that the girl would look pretty and sexy but in reality the girl looks plain.

I got what she meant as everyone expected the girl to be hot and beautiful if she were to be having an affair with her prof. I questioned our social conditioning which makes us think that if a man is going out of his way and putting his career and other things on line and having an affair with a woman, that woman must be beautiful, hot and sexy but that often is not the case in reality.

Even I was not free from such prejudices. There used to be this good looking guy who I  often saw around campus and my classmate told me that the guy had a thing going on with a certain girl. The same week, the girl happened to sit next to me in an auto and i had a good look at her. And my thoughts were something like this – “She does not look that good. Looks wise or in terms of hotness. How is he falling for her. I cannot see a special charm around her either”.

Are we prejudiced against not so good looking people? Do we think that people who look plain cannot have hot guys falling for them? Having affairs with them?

Do we often perceive hot people as sluts, good for sex but not marriage material? Yes, as far as my observations go.

Do we often put women wearing traditional clothes as simple, nice, cultured girls while categorizing women who are hot and not afraid to show their sexy side as under influence of bad western culture and automatically assume that she is sleeping around? – Yes, very often in our societies.

This forces more women to stick to what we considered traditional behaviour outwardly at least. Why should we be made to feel ashamed of our beauty and sexuality?


5 thoughts on “Beauty and sex

  1. Don’t we often hear something similar about a husband who has strayed form a beautiful wife, why did he have to stray when he had such a pretty and hot wife. I hear people, both men and women, ask, “What the hell did he see in HER?”
    I echo your question, “Why should we be made to feel ashamed of our beauty and sexuality?”

    1. Exactly, just because someone is hot & pretty does not equate to being nice and loving or automatically ensure continuous compatibility between the couple. Dynamics between 2 people can often be invisible or intangible.

      Making women to feel ashamed of beauty would be a patriarchal attitude coz beautiful women can lure men and make them go down the immoral path? Like men cannot control themselves.

      Sexuality is anyway repressed (for everyone) by religion and patriarchal societies anyway which is stupid considering mammals are sexually creatures.

  2. It comes down to behavior I think. How you behave gives the true impression. Appearance is also important because it is a way of sending a message, if that is intentional or not is another thing. great post 🙂

    1. Thank you.

      Appearance is different but sometimes how we were born looking cannot be changed either. Can I dramatically change my skin colour? My height?

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