Black sanitary ware

Updated May 28  2013

Have you ever seen/used black toilet bowls and black wash basins? I have seen white, pale green, navy blue but not come across a black one until I moved into my current place.

Apparently they were in fashion in the 90’s but never took off because people could never feel if they were clean or not.

What do I think of it? They are okay and the good thing is that the stains do not show. I personally prefer the lighter colours though because you can see if needs cleaning and it makes your bathroom look more bright. I noticed that black wash basin has many white water spots even though I washed it well. So it is not always as shiny as shown in the picture.

After 6 months os using it, all I can say is it always has white splotches all over the wash basin and needs to be washed much more frequently if you don’t like it looking dirty. White and lighter colours are much better.

So what do you prefer? light or dark sanitary ware?


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