Tea, coffee & no caffeine

I have always been a tea, actually chai, almost all my life.

saturday school - week 13(more about saturday school here)

I was into drinking black coffee (okay, I was drinking a share of what my mom was drinking) till I was 5 years old after which I was switched to Chai.  I needed my daily dose of tea every day around 4-6 PM. And tea has to have milk and sugar. And I like it in a steel tumbler coz that is how I had it at home. I even have a certain one which I need to drink from everyday ha ha.

My dad makes the best tea (at least for my taste), though funnily I like my mom’s tea on Sunday mornings because it is better than my dad. Don’t ask me why!

I remember drinking so many chais from my college canteens and then come home and have my dad make another cup of tea around 5PM. Especially on the days it rained, I liked to look at the rain and drink tea. The chai on raodside stalls and canteen tastes so good.

Then, when I moved to Singapore, I switched to Milo for a year (and got completely stopped drinking it now) coz I need something hot around tea time because frankly, the milk tea they have here is horrible and tastes kinda weirdly bitter. And they use condensed milk not fresh milk. 

To save time and effort on washing dishes, I switched to using Taj Mahal teabags for over a year by making it in a mug and microwaving it.

This is exactly what I had been drinking for over a year. Not bad.

It rained so often here but I did not have tea to drink/time and watch the rain, though I did it on a quite a lot of weekends. I rarely drank coffee and once when I did at a seminar, I could not sleep till 5 AM that time and my friend claims I was acting high and then I rarely drank coffee after that.

Then, I go to India for a holiday. I come back and realise I can no longer live with having tea made from a tea bag. So I started making tea daily like at home.

Then to save more effort, I started brewing the tea and storing it in a bottle. So, every time I needed tea, I took out my decoction, added milk and sugar and heated it and my tea was ready to drink every day.

After coming under bad western influence, I started drinking coffee daily. Coffee is great when you do research.

See: link

Kopi – coffee with condensed milk. Quite nice

I usually get a headache when I do not have coffee or tea, though I like to live in denial that I am addicted to my caffeine.

When I started working, I realise I cannot get by a day without if I do not have coffee around 2-4 PM and sometimes in the morning, if I was tired. I can even feel sleepy after a cup of coffee. I tried switching to herbal tea but I still needed my coffee.

Then, an Indian guy near my office started selling Indian tea 2 months ago and I switched to tea again.

Actually I was looking to stop drinking tea or coffee as I wanted to get off caffeine (as a result of my skin not liking milk, not wanting to be addicted to caffeine and reading 2 books on women’s health and hormones back to back) anyway.

Then, 3 weeks ago, I cut coffee and tea straight and stuck to drinking herbal infusions.

Everyone tells you how awesome they feel after cutting out caffeine but nobody tells you how awful you feel on the first 2 days. I could barely manage with a big headache by 6PM on Day 1 but I persevered. Day 2 was better with a mild headache. Day 3 was good. No headaches. I have been off coffee and tea and I am okay totally. Of course, I am drinking many herbal infusions to make up for it.

I still have the occasional tea and coffee here and there when I go out or on weekends but I am quite okay without it.

Sometimes, I think I love/miss the rituals and memories associated with tea and coffee, more than the drinks themselves as I associate tea and coffee with conversations and friends. Okay, I like tea and coffee but I don’t need it like I did before and that is good.

A caffeine free body – goal completed.


3 thoughts on “Tea, coffee & no caffeine

  1. good for you! i like the challenge of breaking habits sometimes too for lots of reasons, detox can be awful at first huh, but then new energy comes. 🙂 Great post

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