Responses which make you sad

The brutal rape and murder of Jyoti recently has led to outrage in our country, at the government, at the police and at our society which allows this to happen. For the first time, since ages, many people were blaming the rapists and not the girl. That was heartening. I thought a change has happened.

What were some Indians’ responses to this event?

  1. Why should you care what happens to some unknown girl far off?
  2. The girl was not so good anyway. She was out with her boyfriend.
  3. What was she doing alone with a guy, going to watch a movie?


It is sad how people react like this even after such a brutal incident. Again we go back to victim blaming. Why was the girl out with a guy? What does that tell us that she was out with her boyfriend? It is no wonder her father made it clear that the guy was not her boyfriend.

What can we do to change such attitudes? Nobody deserves to be brutally murdered like that despite what they wear or with whom they go out with.


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