I wanted to book flight tickets.

There are only 2 airline carriers flying to my city. Thanks for that!

In my head:

Should I take carrier # 1 or carrier #2?

#1 is cheaper.

I like #2.

Never mind, I go online to book tickets on #1.

Spend 15 minutes playing around with different dates.

Why does #1 not have flights on the days I want them?

Should I buy check in luggage or not?

What?!  the difference is not more than 200$ after all those booking fees?

Hmm, maybe I should go for #2 after all.

They have good service and food.

But then it is a 4 hour flight.

Is good service and food worth that much?

Uncle reminds me about safety.

Arghh. Cannot decide.

Decision: Go for lunch and come back and book.

Hmm, which canteen should I eat at?!

Okay, don’t feel like eating here, don’t want to walk in the sun.

 Go to the canteen across the road.

The stall didn’t have any veggies left. They cook too little of it.

Drink ABC.

Should I walk back to the other canteen?

Nah, just buy veggies from the stall next door.


Think of flights again.

Think how indecisive I can be.

Go back.

Decide to buy #2.

Open the web pages of both #1 and #2 to compare prices for the last time.

What? When I choose a different date, the price difference is 270$?!

Calculate how much I save with a calculator to see the difference with my eyes.

Okay, buy #1.

Tired of indecisiveness.

Just buy the tickets.

Booked the tickets.

Did I make a mistake?

Should I have….?


You can’t change it now.

That’s it.

Tickets booked.



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