Dabanng 2 and my thoughts

I watched Dabanng 2 recently and though the movie was good to watch to an extent, it again reinforced certain values and ideas which we perpetuate in our society.


  1. For starters, again glorifying violence.
  2. I did not get why the hell Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey was hesitant to ask in front of his wife as to when the baby was due in front of her. He leans back and asks slyly aur kitne mahine (how many more months)? What’s wrong asking directly in front of her?
  3. Both the Pandeys are shown to be in love with their wives very much and how do they go and celebrate Makki becoming responsible and starting work? – By going to celebrate with prostitutes and Chulbul is all lovey dovey with his wife the next morning. Indian men cannot control their urges, we see.
  4. The woman is always shy and rejects Chulbul when he wants to hug or kiss her. Uske na mein hi haan hai. Again reinforces the idea that women are incapable of knowing their own minds, say no when they actually want it and have to be shy and reject the man’s advances every time.


Lot of Indian movies reinforce such patriarchal views. Way to go.


5 thoughts on “Dabanng 2 and my thoughts

  1. I dint watch d mv .. I felt bored.. bt der was one scene I liked wer salman says to his wife after scolding her ” patni ho ghulaam nahi, rob jhaade to daant diya karo”.. I loved it bcoz I dnt remember any husband saying tat b4 in mvs.. they r usually seen “correcting der wives “

    1. True that scene was nice but there were other scenes which were in contrast to his philosophy. Who goes out & celebrates with prostitutes if they are so happy in their marriages?

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