Attitudes like these…

Saw this post on Facebook and despite all its good intentions, mindsets like these are equally responsible for perpetuation of crimes against women in our country. We put the entire burden of honour and tradition on women.

Like and share if u want the rapists to be hanged..!! :/

Well, does capital punishment change the psyche of this woman hating nation?

Photo: ‘( MUST MUST READ đŸ˜„ The bus driver ram singh ……. the girl was 23 a very good student …..

Very good student? How does her being a very good student increase the heinousness of the crime? If she was a bad student or had 20 boyfriends before, would that negate the severity of the crime?

After they got in , the guys hit …. in the posh areas of delhi and ncr. After raping her badly…… She was lying in the middle of the road hurt and nude. Not even single person helped her or covered her for an hour.

Again stressing on her nudity and the fact that no one covered her and protected her modesty is placing a high value on the woman’s value and honour. Honour lies in your actions and character not your sexuality and body.This reminded me of reading a news article when I was in primary school about how a woman barely escaped death from being eaten by a shark and the shark had torn her clothes before she was rescued nude. Immediately  my classmate commented “Aise nangey besharam bachne se behtar tha ki, usse woh shark kha leta. Kitne police walo ne us aurat ko nanga dekh liya!” Translated from Hindi as It was better to have been eaten by the shark than being rescued naked shamelessly. How many police/rescue people had seen her naked! I was appalled needless to say at the kind of attitudes 10 year old girls have in our society and how even at that age the concept of shame and honour was already ingrained in our women.

When police came ….. she cannot live a married or normal life.

What changes dramatically with getting married that is not done in normal life? When someone is fighting for their life, you think she is going to be thinking about living or living a normal married life? Does married life mean having sex or giving birth to children? So like in all patriarchal societies, you are linking sex, a woman’s honour and marriage. Women are people too. They is much more to them than their sexuality and being baby producers. Why does every woman have to have children?

…That’s the whole story And that’s what delhi people are.

Seriously, stop turning this into a regional issue. Equally bad crimes happen in rest of India but most women do not have the guts to report it and in turn are humiliated instead into silence.

And her only fault was that she took a wrong bus..

She did not commit any fault including taking the wrong bus. It is the fault and failure of our society, our national psyche, equally weak and corrupt law enforcers and government, our inability to view women as humans capable of making their own decisions, our inability to make our country safe and civilized, our lack of respect and code of conduct with other beings, This is the fault of a nation and a civilization; not her fault.

12 thoughts on “Attitudes like these…

  1. This was the premise of your whole article:

    “Women are people too. They is much more to them than their sexuality and being baby producers.”

    My answer to this:

    The words “man” and “woman” are intrinsically related to sexuality. And unfortunately, both the sexes are expected or naturally wired to serve ONE particular role in the society.

    Man…to be the provider and protector, women…to be the nurturer and caretaker.

    So, when you say there’s more to women beyond sexuality, the same goes for men as well.

    If you want to see that a woman should be able to serve in the army, we also want to see that we can just sit around partying at home, without being judged for how much money we make or what job we do.

    But unfortunately, everything revolves around sexuality and thus, if you want to remove sexuality from the being, you end up creating androgynous characters and thus disrupt the whole social order and peace.

    Having said that, are women inferior to men? NEVER. Neither are men inferior to women. Both deserve equal respect (I repeat, RESPECT) but that doesn’t mean both need to act the same manner. If a man workouts and builds 20″ biceps, that doesn’t mean a woman has to do the same. As a matter of fact, that doesn’t suit her “sexuality”. You see, this term “sexuality” creeps up at every other point.

    As such, men and women are both meant to complement each and NOT compete with each other.

    And to end with, rapists can be of both genders. Even men get raped! So how do you fight for that? Do any of you take any action for that? Why, because you think men DON’T deserve their fundamental rights? When you write something, do prior research and then put pen to paper.

    Raping needs to be checked, but first, a proper approach needs to be decided upon.

    1. Well to reply to you,

      1. For starters, this is my blog and my opinions, you cannot decide how much research is enough before I put pen to paper.

      2. Looks like I nailed it and you do not even get the premise of my own article. My premise is stop treating women as good or bad just depending on their sexuality and trying to control women’s bodies and their sexuality.

      3. You are mixing the 2 issues of gender which has a huge social component to it and sexuality.

      4. I am not into removing sexuality but demonizing sexuality and putting people into neat boxes. People may be sexual but they can be things beyond being sexual too.

      5. Where in the world did I state men do not get raped. My blog has a focus. I cannot work on 20,000 issues at once.

      6. Maybe you should read blog posts properly before commenting and saying things I never said.

  2. “she cannot live a married or normal life”- Here a women s fighting for her life and people are worried about this? Sick and vile our society is!

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